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Part 2 - Get to know your coaches

Part 2 - Get to know your coaches

Welcome to the second part in our Get to know your coaches series. This time around we spend some time with FFE Academy Coach Olly Woods.

Name: Olly Woods

My Team is: Norwich, all my family support Norwich and i've followed in their footsteps really. I started watching Norwich when i was 4 years old with my dad, uncle and grandad. Eighteen years later i still have a season ticket and go to as many games as i can.

My favourite player ever is: David Beckham, when i was younger i used to idolise him. His ability to strike and whip around the ball used to fascinate me and i'd spend hours trying to copy him. He had some memorable moments throughout his career and captained his country too so he cant be too bad.

My favourite current player is: Eden Hazard, his ability to be so unpredictable on the ball is unbelievable. From a defenders point of view he is literally impossible to mark or tackle as he is agile and capable on both feet. I would not be surprised if he one day became the Ballon D'or winner.

My first football shirt was: Norwich home shirt 2002-2003 was my first shirt. I started going to watch the football the year before this and had Ollie and number 5 on the back.

Best game you've ever seen: The best game I ever saw was Norwich vs Middlesbrough in the 2004-2005 season when we were 4-1 down, and came back to draw 4-4. The atmosphere in the ground was brilliant.

Thanks Olly!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of get to know your coaches over the coming weeks.

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