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Movement Mondays - FFE launches new collaboration with the Movement Coach

Movement Mondays - FFE launches new collaboration with the Movement Coach

We are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting collaboration with the Movement Coach, Ryan Elton.

Ryan has been a friend and colleague of Academy Manager, Dan Goffin for many years whilst working together at newly promoted Norwich City. Ryan has since gone on to coach all over the world in his current role as an international development coach for a premier league club whilst launching an exciting new project, the movement coach.

This joint project will see FFE & the movement coach team up for a 12 part series of mini video's designed to support young players develop athletic efficiency through fun and enjoyable practices both inpidually and with their friends, family & team mates. Video's will be released weekly in what we are calling 'Movement Mondays'.

We caught up with Ryan to discuss all things movements and how this new collaboration will benefit FFE players .

So, Ryan, for those who aren’t aware of you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My background is a real balance of football coaching and sports science, for both I have worked with footballers at every performance level. Over many years I have been fortunate enough to have built relationships with all the staff involved at FFE, and I am I big believer in the content that they deliver. As a result of this, I am very excited to help physically develop the players in the academy.

The Movement Coach project, can you explain why you’ve set it up?

The aim is to share my experiences, knowledge and unique ideas to help improve the physical capabilities of footballers through simple, creative and enjoyable practice designs.

Why do you feel there is a need for young players to practice their movements?

Quality movement training can help players improve speed, strength and help develop a better robustness to injury.  Practice and coaching will help players become more self-controlled, dynamic, multi-directional and coordinative. This will help facilitate the demands of the game as well as develop key fundamental keys transferable to other sports.

And finally, how will your collaboration with us here at FFE benefit the players?

FFE specialises in technical training for young players, if The Movement Coach can aid physical movement efficiency, then these young players will have more resources to help fulfil their footballing potential, whatever that may be.

Thanks Ryan, we cant wait to get started on this with all of our players and see them benefit long term.

For more on the movement coach project check out his social media profiles:

Twitter: @Movement_Coach
Instagram: the.movement.coach

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